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EASIEST way to make popsicle stick butterfly knife - DIY 2018

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How to make popsicle stick butterfly knife the easiest way. This is how you make one. It's easy compare to my previous version. I hope you guys like it. =) ★Check my affiliate store for training butterfly knives: ---► ★Pls. Use my AMAZON or GEARBEST Affiliate links when shopping on Amazon or gearbest to support my channel. ---► (affiliate link) ---► (affiliate link) ★Below are the equipments I use to film and edit my videos★: -----My Camera----- (affiliate) -----My Laptop----- (affiliate) -----My Headphones----- (affiliate) -----31.5 inch Curved monitor----- (affiliate) -----My Lighthings----- (affiliate) -----My Tripod-----
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